Vimla Pandey Memorial Gyan Niketan Trust has been the realisation of the long-cherished dream of its Founder-President, Mr. Baliram Sharma, born in a humble family, Mr. Sharma himself was able to realise the hardships, shortcomings and disabilities faced by students hailing from a socially, economically & financially backward region like Palamu.

The Palamu region as we all know, has traditionally been the backwater of Bihar. It had been most neglected area in those days. After the formation of Jharkhand, in november 2000, an era of new hope & consciousness dawned on the people of this region. Amidst those rekindled hopes and aspirations, VPM Gyan Niketan Trust has taken upon itself the onerous task of rebuilding the past glory of this great Palamu region.

The Trustees of VPM Gyan Niketan School are all prominent members from different walks of life, like, Academicians, Engineers, Professors, Civil servants, Lawyers, Social workers and so on.

We believe in :

  • Student success
  • Lifelong learning
  • Respect, Integrity, Trust, honesty and Ethical behaviour
  • Continuous quality improvement

We commit ourselves to :

  • Prepare students for the future
  • Impart knowledge in which students can build bright career
  • Treat everyone with respect and fairnessd role models